Mariscos and Micheladas ft. Camarones Cabrones

This Aug/27/17 we will be at the first annual Mariscos and Micheladas event held at Pico Rivera Sports Arena. They will be hosting live music, entertainment, multiple food and Michelada vendors and games/entertainment for the kids. 

We personally invite you all to come take part of this awesome festival where you will have endles options for fun, food, and a deliciously prepared micheladas. 

You can find more information about the event on our IG or by visiting the events page or website @mariscosmicheladafestival @pico_rivera_sportsarena



Back up and running at full stride

We are back up and running at full stride, Thank you all for being patient with us.  We were working diligently on making this happen but did not want to sacrifice quality or flavor.

If you guys have any questions or inquiries please feel free to check out our website (link in our bio)

If you are a store that would like to carry our product, feel free to fill out our supplier request form.

We truly appreciate all the love, support and energy sent our way.

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